Business Overview

We expand globally in a wide range of businesses including advanced fibers & composites, electric materials & performance polymer products, healthcare, products converting, and IT.

  • Advanced Fibers & Composites Business
  • Healthcare Business
  • Electric Materials & Performance Polymer Products Business
  • Products Converting Business
  • IT Business

Advanced Fibers & Composites Business

As a global market-leading company in advanced fibers such as aramid fibers?€and carbon fibers as well as in composites, we are aspiring to expand our business further.

Products & Services

Healthcare Business

We provide unique, breakthrough medical solutions, leveraging our strength in the pharmaceuticals and home healthcare fields.

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Electric Materials & Performance Polymer Products Business

We are expanding globally, holding a major share of the polyester films market worldwide?€and of polycarbonate resin in growing Asian markets.

Products & Services

Products Converting Business

We provide wide-ranging solutions from materials development to products to meet a variety of needs in the markets of apparel and industrial materials.

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IT Business

We provide various IT services, also branching out in internet-based digital content distribution/e-commerce businesses.

Products & Services