Evolution from Rayon Fibers Company to Synthetic Fibers Manufacturer (1918 ~ 1960s)

1918 June

Teikoku Rayon Co., Ltd., is established.

1927 February

Commenced operation of Iwakuni Factory. Began production of rayon filament.

1933 October Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange.
1934 October

Commenced operation of Mihara Factory. Began production of rayon filament.

1951 December Nagoya Factory established. Began the production of rayon spun yarn.
1952 September Iwakuni Laboratories established.
November Established Teijin Shoji Co., Ltd.
1954 July Established the Teijin Scholarship Foundation.
1955 November Matsuyama Factory established and the production of acetate filament began.
1957 January

Teijin and Toray Industries, Inc., licensed to introduce production technologies for polyester fibers and films from ICI of the United Kingdom.

June The trademark of polyester fibers decided as TETORON by Teijin and Toray.
1958 June

Production of Tetoron began at Matsuyama Factory.

1960 October

Tokyo Research Laboratories (currently the Tokyo Research Center) established.

Teijin Chemicals Limited began production of polycarbonate resin.

1962 July Licensed to introduce production technologies for nylon 6 from Allied Chemical Corp. of the United States.
November Corporate name changed to Teijin Limited.
1963 April

Plastics Research Laboratories established.

November Production of nylon began at Mihara Factory.
1964 September Fiber and Textile Research Laboratories (currently the Osaka Research Center) established.
1967 September Established Tetoron production and sales company Thai Tetoron Co., Ltd. (currently Teijin Polyester (Thailand) Limited)