Message from the President

Aiming to be a Company That Supports Future Society
through Creating New Value


The Teijin Group will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary. Founded in 1918 as the first manufacturer of rayon yarn in Japan, we have overcome extremely difficult issues, established rayon yarn manufacturing technologies and widely developed the business. Following that, endowed with the spirit of challenge and continuing to develop chemical technologies and expertise, we expanded our business and progressed into new fields. Through these efforts we grew as a synthetic fibers manufacturer, advanced into the medical business, and created the home oxygen therapy (HOT) business that had not existed in Japan before. We are currently developing three different business domains: high-performance materials including advanced fibers and composites, electronics materials and performance polymer products; healthcare, including pharmaceuticals and home healthcare equipment; and IT.

In an international community where the environment changes rapidly, today the Teijin Group is implementing a solutions-oriented business model, carrying out drastic forward-looking transformation and growth strategies, and bold restructuring initiatives. With the three business domains, our challenge is to create new value never before realized by integrating the competitive edge and key capabilities in each of these domains. Through providing value needed by society and customers, such as solutions responding to macroeconomic trends like environmental and energy conservation, safety, security and disaster mitigation, and demographic change and increased health consciousness, we will contribute to "enhancing the quality of life" of people everywhere, as it states in our corporate philosophy.

With spirit and passion for supporting future society, the Teijin Group aims to realize sustainable growth by creating and providing new value. Although the pathway to achieve this is not smooth, we will constantly push forward with corporate reforms united as a group.

Jun Suzuki
Jun Suzuki
President and CEO, Teijin Limited