CSR Basic Policy

CSR Basic Policy (2012-2016)

  • 1.
    To advance a CSR management that is integrated into the Teijin Group’s business strategy, aiming to achieve the sustainable development of both business and society.
  • 2.
    To continue to respond rapidly to changes in the socio-economic environment by obtaining and maintaining global recognition as “CSR champion” in Teijin’s way.
  • 3.
    To realize "co-existence with global environment" by actively promoting environmental management.
  • 4.
    To help realize improvement of "Quality of Life," by providing safe and reliable products and services.
  • 5.
    To be recognized as a benchmark of Basic CSR activities such as compliance and risk management by their thorough implementation.
  • 6.
    To build "Win-Win" relationships with stakeholders in and outside the Teijin Group by two-way dialogues and active involvement in their development and enhance their satisfaction.