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The Teijin Challenge
Information and Electronics
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Mobile communication devices are increasingly multifunctional, incorporating communications/touch panel and other functions that make them much more than simply a tool for talking. Display images are changing from something watched to something felt through the evolution of large-screen display technologies and high definition.
The Teijin's high-performance plastics, films and other materials are contributing to this evolution towards higher functionality and quality, paving the way for tomorrow's information and electronics devices.

  1. PET Film / 2.Polycarbonate Resin Sheet/Film

    Used in liquid-crystal display components, such as reflection sheets that prevent the backward loss of light from the light source and diffusion plates that ensure the uniform dispersion of light across the whole screen, thereby contributing to beautiful, clear images and energy-savings.

    Resin & Plastic Processing

    Films & Sheets

  2. Transparent Electroconductive Film

    Utilization is expanding in touch panels, which are in widespread use; for example, in smartphones, office/factory automation equipment and handheld video game devices.

  3. Innovative Separator

    Used in lithium-ion secondary batteries of smartphones and tablets, contributing to higher output and longer lifespan.

  4. PC/ABS Polymer Alloy Resin

    Utilizing the advantages of both PC resin and ABS resin, used in the outer casings of televisions, laptop computers, mobile communication devices and more.
    PC/ABS: polycarbonate/acrylonitrile butadiene styrene



Innovative Separator for lithium-ion batteries