Environment & Energy

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The Teijin Challenge
Environment and Energy
New Wind Blowing for the Future of Society and the Environment

The introduction of new products and technologies through various business activities contributes to the development of society. However, the depletion of fossil fuels and increasing CO2 emissions are major environmental problems in the world today.
In response to such issues, the Teijin has developed composites that contribute to weight savings in mobility, as well as recycling technologies, bio-based polymer materials and advanced materials.
The Teijin will continue its ceaseless efforts, challenging to contribute to harmony with the environment and the sustainable growth of society.

  1. Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites

    Application to the body structures of automobiles is expected in pursuit of responses to environmental problems, thereby contributing to weight savings, reducing CO2 emissions and increasing fuel efficiency.

    Carbon Fibers & Composites

  2. Bioplastics

    Made from biomass, thereby reducing consumption of fossil resources and controlling the increase in concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. An environment-oriented solution for a wide range of fields including the interior materials of automobiles, and electric/electronic components.

    Highly Heat-resistant Bioplastic

  3. Closed-loop Recycling of Polyester Products

    Promoting ECO CIRCLE, a closedloop recycling system for polyester products that utilizes Teijin's world-혙rst chemical recycling technology, thereby reducing waste production and consumption of fossil resources.

  4. Carbon Fibers

    Used in the blades of wind power generators, facilitating increased size and power generation efficiency.

    Carbon Fibers & Composites

  5. PET Film/PEN Film

    Used in the back sheets of solar battery panels, which are attracting attention as a clean energy source, contributing to the prevention of global warming and energy-savings.

    Films & Sheets