Healthcare Products & Services

The Teijin Challenge
Contributing to People’s Healthier Lives

“To be healthy and enjoy life to the fullest every day.” This is a desire almost everyone has. In response, the Teijin now provides unique and revolutionary solutions in the fields of pharmaceuticals and home healthcare, with a focus on three key therapeutic areas: bone and joint, respiratory, and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.
Delivering safety/peace of mind through our products and services, our aim is to contribute to enhancing the “quality of life” for as many people as possible?this is the goal of the Teijin.

  1. Respiratory Diseases

    · Oxygen concentrator for home oxygen therapy (HOT)

  2. Respiratory/Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases

    · Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) unit
    · Non-invasive positive pressure ventilator
    · Adaptive servo-ventilator

  3. Bone and Joint Diseases

    · Sonic accelerated fracture healing system

  4. Bone and Joint Diseases

    · Treatment for osteoporosis
    · Viscosupplement for knee osteoarthritis pain

  5. Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases

    · Treatment for hyperuricemia and gout
    · Treatment for hyperlipidemia
    · Subcutaneous injection for the treatment of acromegaly and pituitary gigantism

  6. Respiratory Diseases

    · Inhaled corticosteroid for asthma

  7. Other

    · Intravenous immunoglobulin preparation

    Healthcare Products & Services