Safety & Protection

High-performance Fibers

The Teijin Challenge
Safety and Protection
Bringing Safety/Security
to Societies and People’s Lives

At times, people are exposed to danger. This obviously includes police officers and firefighters, who protect societies and people's lives, and also workers at manufacturing and other sites supporting industry. Furthermore, natural disasters can cause major damage to social infrastructure.
The protective clothing and disaster prevention measures that protect societies and people from these dangers and disasters need to have various functions to respond to complex threats and environments.
The Teijin's high-performance materials and products with wide variety and advanced properties meet the increased demand for safety/security in societies and people's lives.

  1. Para-aramid Fibers / 2.High-performance Polyethylene

    Strong, lightweight and cut-resistant and have high energy absorption properties. Used for protective clothing and ballistic-protection/stab-resistant products such as vests and helmets, thus supporting people's safety.

  2. Meta-aramid Fibers

    Resistant to heat and flames, and do not melt or adhere to the skin. Used in heat-/flame-resistant clothing such as firefighting uniforms.

  3. Para-aramid Fibers

    Strong and have high dimensional stability. Used as a material and in products for concrete structures to repair/reinforce, and in products to reinforce foundations and embankments, thus contributing to disaster prevention.

    High-performance Fibers