Sustainable Transportation

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The Teijin Challenge
Sustainable Transportation
Contributing to the Enjoyment
and Excitement of Transportation

Transportation has a certain charm, attracting the interest of operators, passengers and even people who simply enjoy being spectators. This is because it provides various forms of satisfaction such as riding comfort and a sense of security in addition to being transportation. At the same time, however, transportation requires the use of fossil energy, thereby having an environmental impact.
In response to this, the Teijin is developing materials with higher functionality and next-generation technologies that not only improve comfort and safety, but also contribute to resolving issues related to environmental performance such as reducing CO2 emissions and saving energy.

  • Carbon Fibers

    Used as a metal substitute for the construction of ailerons, tail units, deck floor beams and other components, contributing to weight savings.

    Carbon Fibers & Composites

  1. High-grade Artificial Leather

    Having the features of being tough and lightweight, used as a material for steering wheel covers and stick-shift boots.

    High-performance Fibers

  2. PET Film

    Used in interior and exterior materials, electronic components, wheel hubcaps and other components.

    Films & Sheets

  3. Polycarbonate Resin

    Used in headlight covers, sunroofs and other components. Aiming at weight savings in the body, the applications are expected to expand widely, including use for windows, body parts and other components.

    Resin & Plastic Processing

  4. PEN Film

    Used in seat sensors, motor insulation for hybrid vehicles, capacitors and other components.

    Films & Sheets

  5. Carbon Fibers

    Used in propeller shafts, spoilers and other components. As a material contributing to weight savings, wide use in body structures and other components is expected in the future.

    Carbon Fibers & Composites

  6. Para-aramid Fibers

    Used as the substitute for asbestos in brake pads, as well as in clutch facings, tire cords and other components.

    High-performance Fibers

  7. Polyester Fibers

    Widely used in interior materials such as floor mats and seats, as well as seatbelts, air-conditioner hoses, tire cords and other components.

    High-performance Fibers