Water Purification Treatment

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Multi-Stage Activated Biological Process (MSABP®)

Using the food chain to suppress the generation of residual sludge.

It is an epoch-making biological treatment system that has realized the natural food chain of microorganisms by means of special Tanji by using a multi-staged aerobic/anaerobic aeration tank.

  • Minimum waste sludge and low running costs.
  • High processing performance that is able to respond to wastewater in the event of an accident.
  • Able to treat highly concentrated wastewater.
  • Processing of wastewater with difficult-to-process biological treatment (surface-active agent, n-hexane, etc.).

ELCAT® (Electro Catalytic Method)*

Gasifying persistent organic matter in two stages of treatment.

An electro-catalytic treatment process that efficiently gasifies persistent organic matter in two treatment stages using an electrolytic tank and a catalytic tank

  • Efficient processing of double-bond material such as persistent organisms and dyestuff.
  • More economical than the addition of hypochlorous acid.
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    For further information regarding MSABP and ELCAT, please refer to the website of our business partner, AQUARIUS Co.

HiPOx® (Advance節?Oxdation Water Treatment)

Multi-Stage Ozone Treatment System with Added Hydrogen Peroxide

By the multi-step addition of pressurized ozone to the drainage with added hydrogen peroxide, radical OH, whose oxidation power is stronger than that of ozone, generates efficiently, and resolution of persistent substances, as well as deodorization, bleaching and sterilization of the drainage are carried out.

  • The use of ozone and the oxidation resolution of the quality of processing are efficiently carried out by the multi-step addition.
  • Minimizes the formation of reaction byproducts by means of ozone injection at multiple points (when used in drinking water applications).
  • More compact structure than a general ozone processor.
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    Please refer to the website of our business partner, Ultura Inc.

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