Creation of New Businesses

Teijin is pressing forward with development of cutting-edge technologies to create new businesses, aiming to realize an expansible business portfolio and ultimately sustainable growth. While ensuring that our research links to results, we are particularly focusing efforts on: (1) incubation designed to fast-track creation of new businesses; (2) technological research that will germinate future business; and (3) collective group-wide research conducted with a long-term perspective.To carry out these intentions, we are continuing with exploratory and basic research at our core corporate research institutions, the Teijin Technology Innovation Center, Integrative Technology Research Institute and Material Analysis Research Laboratory.

Priority R&D Fields

In the priority fields of high-performance electronics materials, water purification treatment and advanced medical materials, we are intensifying development efforts aiming to fast-track creation of new businesses in these fields.

In the high-performance electronics materials field, we have developed an innovative separators for lithium ion batteries (LIBs), for which there is increasing demand for higher safety. Two types of separator have been developed: one coated with an aramid layer on both sides for heat resistance and durability; and another for laminated LIBs coated with a fluorine-based compound. We produce and distribute of the separators for LIBs under the brand name LIELSORT on a full scale. We are also accelerating development to fast-track mass production of silicon ink for semiconductors, an exciting innovation which will enable substantial cost reductions in products such as liquid-crystal displays and photovoltaic batteries. In July 2010, we acquired the NanoGram Corporation, a US company with an established reputation in R&D of nanoparticle materials built around a distinctive nanoparticle manufacturing technology.

In the field of water purification treatment, we aim to provide comprehensive wastewater treatment solutions. Our Multi-Stage Activated Biological Process (MSABP) treatment system, which utilizes the motion of microorganisms to effectively treat effluent with high concentration of organic substances, has been adopted in Angola and China. In the advanced medical materials field, we established a new research organization that will facilitate development and early market entry of innovative medical materials.

Commercialization stage

Separator for Lithium Ion Batteries
Environment & Energy Water purification treatment

R&D stage

Electronics New electronic substrates, new materials, core materials in printable electronics
Healthcare Biomaterials, tissue engineering, advanced medical materials
Environment & Energy New type bioplastics, fuel cell materials, solar battery materials