Open Innovation

Acquiring New Technologies through Cooperation with Industry, Academia and Government

To promote R&D aimed at developing new businesses, Teijin upholds an Open Innovation Strategy for strengthening its internal and external ties. In addition to promoting in-house research partnerships, this policy promotes the provision of timely and advanced solutions to customers by building a strong and active network of collaboration for information and personnel exchange related to R&D between industry, government and academia.

Based on this Open Innovation Strategy, we have implemented a more open R&D system, and integrated basic research, incubation and marketing, aiming to speed up development and link to efficient R&D results.

In basic research, we are proactively networking with researchers and academic societies conducting frontline research in the areas of polymer science, drug discovery, nanotechnology and biotechnology. In addition, we are focusing on the development of emerging and leading-edge technologies matched to market needs through participation in public organization projects and collaborative research with universities.

At the incubation stage for commercial applications, we are aiming to combine our technologies with the technologies of customers in our key fields and joint research partners to accelerate development and achieve more efficient results.

In marketing, to ensure that customers´ requirements are incorporated into our R&D more quickly and precisely, we have established the Teijin Mirai Studio as a showroom for the Teijin Group´s latest technologies and products, and a customer laboratory to bring customers´ ideas and product concepts to the technology trial stage. In addition, the Teijin Group is actively promoting horizontal marketing aimed at its key fields.

Open Innovation R&D