R&D Facilities


  • Teijin Limited
    • Technology Innovation Center
    • Material Analysis Research Center
    • Plastics Technical Center
    • High Performance Fibers Technology & Production Department
    • Solution Development Department
    • Engineering Development Department
    • Teijin Composites Innovation Center
    • Polymer  Research & Development Center
    • Processing Research & Development Center
    • Technology Innovation Center
    • Technology Innovation Center
    • Iwakuni R&D Center
  • Toho Tenax Co., Ltd.
    • Technical Development Group
  • Teijin Pharma Limited
    • Pharmaceutical Discovery Research Laboratories
    • Medicinal Chemistry Research Laboratories
    • Pharmaceutical Development Research Laboratories
    • Bio-medical Engineering Laboratories
    • Pharmaceutical Products Research Laboratories
  • Teijin Film Solutions Limited
    • Research and Development Center


  • DuPont Teijin Films U.S. Limited Partnership Research Center
  • NanoGram Corporation


  • Toho Tenax Europe GmbH Laboratory
  • Teijin Aramid GmbH Research Institute


  • DuPont Teijin Films U.K. Limited Research Center

The Netherlands

  • Teijin Aramid B.V. Institute


  • Teijin Chemicals Plastic Compounds Shanghai Ltd. Technical Center
  • Teijin Product Development China Co., Ltd.

Core Corporate R&D Facilities

Creation of new customer value –Iwakuni R&D Center–

Iwakuni R&D Center

Incubation for the creation of new businesses is a key process in linking technological developments to technologies that create value for customers in the form of products. To perform this incubation function, we have established the Iwakuni R&D Center in Iwakuni and setup R&D infrastructure to research the process of creating new businesses from initial R&D to the pilot stage. We have also established the Open Laboratory to promote joint development with our customers.

Exploratory and basic technological research to forge the future –Technology Innovation Center/Material Analysis Research Center–

Technology Innovation Center

To maintain our competitive edge in technological innovation, the core technologies of Teijin must be outstanding. In an era where science and technology are becoming more specialized and there is more integration of technological fields, we are aggressively conducting exploration and basic technology research as part of our corporate R&D. On this basis, we aim to further improve joint research and conduct R&D based on scientific evidence.

The Technology Innovation Center engages in investigative research aimed at developing new technologies for biopolymers, advanced medical materials and electronics materials, as well as for fields that integrate such technologies, with the aim of expediting our responsiveness to market needs and shortening development lead times. The Material Analysis Research Center supports and makes proposals for progress of Teijin's research and technology development based on analysis/structural analysis technologies.