Training Leaders

Training Employees for Leadership

The Teijin group, operating in over 20 countries worldwide, is growing globally and expanding its businesses. We are training people for leadership, and instituting a variety of programs to promote Teijin´s corporate philosophy and basic values. Teijin group companies are dedicated to building employee management and leadership skills.

"EaGLES" Leadership Training

EaGLES is a leadership training program fostering employees newly assigned to management positions. This program is implemented through group discussion and case studies, and it builds management skills and understanding of Teijin´s corporate philosophy and values. Training is offered in 4 languages – Japanese, English, Chinese and Thai.

"STRETCH" and SLP ´Core´ Training Programs

Teijin´s STRETCH (Strategic Executive Team Challenge) program is implemented worldwide to train a future core management group to lead Teijin´s global activities. SLP, our strategic leader development program, is in place to foster mid-level ´core´ candidate employees.