Evolutionary Step in Recycling

Closed-loop Recycling System:


Evolutionary Step in Recycling

An innovative technology to recycle polyester products multiple times without quality deterioration.

653,740tons of clothes disposed and landfilled each year.

The current worldwide, annual production of major fibers (*2) is 78 million tons, a 5 fold increase from 10 years ago. Synthetic fibers make up for 45 million tons, of which a majority of 80% is polyester. There are issues involved in these fibers, however, such as the staggering volume being disposed of, depletion of the petrochemical resources necessary to make the fibers, and the CO2 emissions related to both the production and disposal of the fibers. That is why Teijin is promoting polyester product recycling to overcome such issues.

*1 Source:"Fiber Products 3R Related Research Report" (The Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN).

*2 Source:"Fiber Organon" (FEB)

Limited Resources 竊?Limitless Recycling

Teijin's chemical recycling technology, a first of its kind in the world, makes it possible to refine old polyester into new polyester raw material equivalent to that made from petroleum. For example, an old and worn out polyester fleece and coat can be recycled into a new fleece and coat over and over again. Moreover, this technology reduces both energy consumption and CO2 emissions drastically when compared to using oil to make new polyester raw materials.

150 Partner Corporations Worldwide

In 2002, Teijin, along with apparel and sportswear manufacturers that shared our commitment, started a closed-loop recycling system named "ECO CIRCLE", based on our one-of-a-kind chemical recycling technology. Participation grew to include companies from Japan, the United States, the EU and China, and since then, over 150 partner companies are now involved. In 2012, we have started the promotion of closed-loop recycling system development in China. At Teijin, we continue to promote eco-friendly recycling initiatives that reduce waste and petroleum consumption with our partners and customers.

Sustainable Lifestyles that make People and the Environment Happy Sustainable Lifestyles that make People and the Environment Happy

Teijin has long been actively committed in responding to global environment issues, developing recycling technologies that target petroleum and water resources. Of these activities, our chemical recycling technology, which is the first of its kind in the world, makes it possible to recycle polyester products many times over not only from fibers, but also products such as plastic bottles and films. This is the goal of "ECO CIRCLE" , to make a closed-loop system that promotes a sustainable global environment.

International recognition of the"ECO CIRCLE" Closed-loop Recycling System:

  • Environmental Business Award from the Eco Japan Cup 2012 Environmental Business Awards (The Ministry of The Environment, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications etc.)
  • Innovation with Best Environmental Benefit, ICIS Innovation Awards 2010 (ICIS)