A New Treatment, 40 Years in the Making

Hyperuricemia and Gout Medication:


A New Treatment,
40 Years in the Making

A hyperuricemia and gout treatment for a wider range of patients.

15 million Gout Patients in the World

There are an estimated 15 million people in the world that have gout, a condition most known for its acute pain, caused by crystallized uric acid deposits in the body. (*1) When the uric acid levels exceed 7.0mg/dL it is known as hyperuricemia which can cause gout and urinary stones, while also said to be a contributing factor to increased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac infraction, stroke and other lifestyle diseases.

*1 Estimated by Teijin Pharma Limited.

The first new treatment for hyperuricemia in 40 years.

Teijin started research on hyperuricemia medication in order to progress the field of medicine, and provide a wider range of choices in available treatments. Febuxostat is the successful result of these efforts, coming to market for the first time in 40 years with a new treatment drug. Because it is capable of effectively reducing uric acid levels in a patient, reduction not only of gout but other hyperuricemia related risks can be expected as well.

Taking initiative; Rolling out in 117 countries. Taking initiative; Rolling out in 117 countries.

Since 2009, febuxostat has been rolled out to some 40 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, Canada, 20 European countries, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. Further rollouts to a grand total of 117 countries and regions (*2), typically in Asia, Middle East and South America are intended, with aspirations to make febuxostat synonymous with Teijin, leading the way in hyperuricemia and gout treatment worldwide.

*2 Countries and regions with distributorships as of March 2016.

Liveliness for hyperuricemia and gout patients around the world. Liveliness for hyperuricemia and gout patients around the world.

The necessity for hyperuricemia treatment is increasing, not only because it causes gout, but because it can cause complications in joint with lifestyle diseases in the form of arteriosclerosis, resulting in cardiovascular desease as well. Teijin is not only about delivering medication, but also providing patients with information on hyperuricemia to achieve a better future with peace of mind.

Recognition of febuxostat:

  • Science and Technology Award 2012, in the Development Division竊늇he Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology竊?/li>
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences Award 2012 (The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan)